Gamut Kollektiv

Stadtkreis 5 industriequartier - Suisse

Experiments in Sound and Space.
Breading Ground for Ideas, collaborations and creative processes.

Since 2021 performing together in these working groups:

STUENZI (Gamut X Rote Fabrik)
Jonas Häni, sounddesigner/sound engineer
Paul Amereller, musician
Philipp Eden, musician
Tizia Zimmermann, musician
Xaver Rüegg, musician

Virtual Platform (unreleased)
Andrea Anner, graphic designer
Caterina Viguera, architect and urban designer
Miao Zhao, musician
Silvan Schmid, musician
Timo Muttenzer, frontend-developer
Tobias Pfister, musician
Tapiwa Svosve, musician

EDITION GAMUT (publisher/label)


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