Paris - France

L'Impolie brings together an accordionist, a saxophonist and a guitarist. Passionate about contemporary music and improvisation, the three decided to combine written and improvised music and began working with composers and improvisers from all over the world. As a result, L'Impolie has found its identity halfway between writing and improvisation, the two always linked by the language of contemporary experimental music. The musicians draw on a wide range of influences, from John Zorn and Gérard Grisey to 70s progressive rock groups and musique concrète.
L'Impolie's work questions the notion of writing in improvised music. By calling on composers, the musicians are led to renew their 'habits' and become interpreters of the ideas of other artists; at the same time, through the spaces of openness (improvised sections) that the musicians request from the composers, the performer is placed at the heart of the creative process. The performer-improviser becomes an integral part of the work and, in the same way, the composition influences the way of improvising.

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