Simon Henocq

Le pré-saint-gervais - France

Parisian rooted musician, his practice of sonic arts is wide open to experimenting and the territories in which he expresses himself are numerous. Guitarist, improviser, he studies electroacoustics, trains himself in sound engineering and builds his own electronic devices to create the sounds he performs with on stage.

Initiator of several musical bands: Helved Rüm, Vegan Dallas, Fantasia Nel Dessert, We Use Cookies, Club Sieste… He is co-writing multimedia performances (Brazil Mashup) or in link with digital arts (We Use Cookies + Al). He joins solicitations from other artists: La Méduse with Jacques Di Donato, Système Friche with Xavier Charles, Tribalism or Coax Orchestra with Yann Joussein, Parquet with Seb Brun, La Peuge en Mai with Geoffroy Gesser…

He performs with musicians from many different places and generations in France (Météo Festival, Sons d’Hiver, La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues...), in Europe (Punkt Festival in Norway, Jazz Em Agosto in Portugal, Experimental Sound Gallery in Russia...).

He is a part of the exchange program of french-american artists The Bridge. As co-creator and artistic director of COAX collective, he is involved in the COAX label and collaborates in many phonographic productions as an artistic director.

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