raoul van der weide

Amsterdam - Pays-Bas

Raoul van der Weide Contrebasse, violoncello, crackle box Facebook Active as professional free improvisers sinces 1978 in The Netherlands. Performed with a variety of creative musicians like Steve Lacy, Derek Bailey, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, Guus Janssen, Konrad 'Conny' Bauer, Tristan Honsinger, Wolter Wierbos, Michiel Scheen, Tobias Delius, Yoram Rosilio, Paulo Chagas, Michael Moore, Ernst Reijseger, Ab Baars, George Hadow, Nicolas Chientaroli, Ada Rave, Onno Govaert, Salvoandrea Lucifora, Henk Zwerver, Hernan Sama and many others. Active now in the following Ensembles > Blue Lines Trio/Sextet, Xavier Pamplona Septet, 'Mixing Memory and Desire' quartet, Arcipelago trio, Andrius Dereviancenko quintet, trio Jose lencastre/Onno Govaert/Raoul van der Weide. As organizer/coordinator of multi disciplinary improvised activities music, dance, electronics, visual art, poetry 2010 - 2017 > 'OORSPRONG curators series' a monthly curated series in Amsterdam by 3 different curators each presenting a blinddate impro lineup = 3 sets pro evening. 2014 - now > 'Pintotonics n+1' a monthly series focusing on presenting solo sets and small ensemble sets. www.huisdepinto.nl 2015 - now > '2 Ateliers Rencontres' - a yearly informal two days Ateliers festival presenting a mix of 40 - 45 free improvisers from all ages and gender playing 20' sets in random programmed combinations.

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