Paula Sanchez

Kirchenfeld-schosshalde - Suisse

Situated at the intersections of experimental music, free improvisation and performance art, Paula Sanchez’ work is focused on the composition/decomposition and destruction/re-construction of a mutable sound space. With a markedly interdisciplinary profile, she first found her voice as a performer, interpreter and composer in the fields of theater and performance, highlighted by her participation in the experimental stage collective Ob-caenum—an important presence in the province of San Juan Argentina, where she completed her musical studies at the National University. Later she earned two Master’s Degrees—in Improvisation at the Musik Akademie in Basel, and in Contemporary Art Practice/Sound Art at Bern University of Art, Switzerland. Since 2018 Paula has been active in contemporary music and improvisation circles in Europe participating in numerous concerts. She stands out for her use of extended techniques and unconventional ways of playing, working with materials like plastic, glass and elements from nature combined with voice and electronics. Hers is the pure presence of an embodied  sound which invents its relationships as it makes its way into nothingness.


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