Nora Vetter

Lucerne - Suisse

Performer, violist, composer, conceptualist, dramaturge, curator, working with instrument, voice, body and surrounding spaces.

Believing in solidarity and communal structures, collaborative process and mutual exchange, I see my work always in context of what and who is around me. Be it improvisations, performances or fixed compositions; specific spaces and their connotations often are the ground on which I base music, from there it is instinctively and organically growing before being torn apart by abstraction.
With a background of contemporary instrumental music, I am looking for ways to expand music into other forms of media.

 Currently based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Part of sonic space Basel, Kollektiv Kulturbrauerei Luzern, latenz ensemble [CH], Semblance [FR], Paper Crane [CH], alumni of Zone éxerimentale Basel, worked with Silke Strahl, Asia Ahmetjanova, Paula Häni, Zita Bucher, Alwynne Pritchard, Klara Germanier, Pia Matthes, Meret Siebenhaar, Felix Nussbaumer, Annika Granlund, Nelly Jüsten, Christian Weber, Corentin Marillier, Simon Steen Andersen, Christian Zemp, Beat Unternährer, Urban Mäder, Silvan Schmid, Maria Muñoz Lopéz, Fred Frith and others

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