Michaël Feneux

Betchat - France

Freelance Musician, guitarist, singer, and poet

Indeed, My musical expérience traveling is plurial... 
from Intuitive music to Opera...
to the rock, to the hip hop, up to nyabinghi, and the yiddish traditionnal song, or the Jacques Brel repertory... I go on my own path. 

Since the age of 6 years old, i played music.
Since the age of 12 years old i wrote poetic feeling and practice especially electric guitar.
Several years after I learned to sing Opera, Traditional song, and several other repertories 
And since 10 years, I research musical sound and texture by practice experimental music, often named : free music, or intuitive music. 

I like also to perform my singing one man show from song to opera.

And l founded a project of music fusion with immersive artwork concert : MISTAKE RÉVÉLATION

When the Art try to be free, it become a poetic quest and total political liberation of being in revolt. That's why révolution seems so beauty ;-)




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