lauren rodz

Montpellier - France

Lauren Rodz
installations, performances, concerts

"I think musicians rape music...
In spanish they say "tocar: To touch".
Meaning to play.
I think some people touch music without her allowing them." (Hector Rey)

to use pitches to skim over music.
Lauren uses reeds, little percussive or hijacked objects and raw electronic noises
to create no so-called musical work, and a sensory space.

Arranged objects and electronics...
A raw grasp over human activities from the sound point of view...
Activity of opening a door and accepting / transforming what you find beyond.

Laurenrodz performs in the field of improvised music, abstract noise...
He performs with Elo Masing, Miriam Siebenstadt, Dario Fariello, David Vilayleck, Naoto Yamagishi, Sebastien Lemporte, Alex Riva, ANTEZ ...

Laurenrodz works with improvised audio-visual performance,
the manipulation of rickety devices and imaginary operations peeking under the veil of daily things...


"Interweaving sound, movement and image in unexpected ways,

Laurent Rodriguez presents the audience with absurd and dada-esque performances, enacted with beauty, humour, and poetic evanescence. With a range of influences going from experimental cinema to fluxus performance, to pull disparate ideas into new forms of interactive media, striking a peculiar balance between deconstructionist abstraction and primordial weirdness." - Cal Lyal




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