Jonas Gerigk

Cologne - Allemagne

Jonas Gerigk is a German double bass player who is active in the field of free improvisation, contemporary jazz, experimental music and contemporary classical music. He is based in Cologne and Pohrsdorf (Tharandt) after he studied at HfM Dresden, NMH Oslo and HfMT Köln.

A main focus of his work deals with the term Explorative Music. He is doing intensive research on the expansion of the sound spectrum of the acoustic double bass. With a physical as well as technical approach and preparations he explores the variety of timbres of his instrument. His solo album Sound Plantings (IMPAKT Records) is a snapshot of this work in the field of extended playing techniques.  Jonas is a member of numerous ensembles, works on long-term band projects (like Okoton and Vließ) and collaborates regularly with dancers and painters in interdisciplinary projects.

He organized the radio shows HEIMklang (Dresden) and SnapShot (Cologne), in which free improvisations of changing groups were broadcast live in the studio. Between October 2020 and February 2021 he organized the concert series RAUMKLANG – Explorative Music at the Atelier KunstRaum Dorissa Lem in Cologne. 

He is an active member of the collective IMPAKT – Improvisation und aktuelle Musik Köln.

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