Jena Jang

Prague - Tchéquie

Jena Jang is a Korean audiovisual artist based in Prague and currently pursuing a PhD in time-based media at the Visual Communication Department at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czechia.

Her art practice research, 'Contemporary Art of Healing (2019–),' which is a multidisciplinary live performing art project that explores self-healing methods through audiovisual art mediums, has been performed in various art and music spaces in Europe.

The project explores combinations of energy harmony, dissonance, destructive collision, and also its circulation, mood shifting by sweating, and experience of trance. She uses extended technique on instrument playing to create a choatic musical structure. Intense screaming is one of her methods for detoxification and trauma release. Her approach is to face traumatic memories directly, connect them to harsh noise, scream to vomit toxic emotional wounds in the unconscious mind, throw them in the air, and empty the mind by chanting.

Also, she's building 'Sound Temple' with recordings from pubs (joy), streets (life), nature (non-human entities), and all the coincidental harmonies from the universe. In this, she often adds up audio-reactive live visuals that visualise dymanic frequencies.

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