Jean- Michel Van Schouwburg

Braine-l'alleud - Belgique

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - Voice improviser born 1955. Autodidact , based near Brussels. Solos performance in phonoetry using alternative vocal techniques & singing skills since 2001 in London, Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Nitra (SK), Rotterdam, Budapest, Lille, Hanover, Brno. Performs with Sureau 3 (Jean Demey & Kris Vanderstraeten), Lawrence Casserley, Sabu Toyozumi, Marcello Magliocchi, Zsolt Sörès, Adam Bohman, Oli Mayne, Phil Wachsmann, Yoko Miura, Phil Minton and many others. Recorded 17 albums : . Toured U.K. -a lot- Germany, France - a bit- , Italy, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Netherlands - a very little bit - . Favours free thinking, fluid collective improvisation with open minded originals, dynamics and space, ad-hoc groups becoming true real "bands" on stage performance. Open to various experiences. Holds a improvised music blog as "a critic" : . More sounds : : . Member administrator of a Improvised Music Collective from 1985 to 2015.  Organised & co-organised many concerts in Brussels area along decades with many improvisers and artists among them the great pioneers of free improvisation. 


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