Esmeralda Detmers

Amsterdam - Pays-Bas

Esmeralda Detmers (1966): theatre-maker, actress and drama teacher.  Member of WhatIIIF-international interdisciplinair improvisation Festival.

Esmeralda uses her profession as an art or as an art-craft to give people a skill. Through her approach, she inspires and develops unknown talents in a save and creative environment.  Form this material she creates a kind of fairytale experience with professionals and amateurs. She works with different art disciplines and culture groups, like street-children and orphans in Romania, illiterate immigrants and elderly with Alzheimer. Although these groups are vulnerable, she always strives for a high professional quality in her location-performances. Therefore she likes to work together with professionals in different art-disciplines, like dance, music, voice, visual and audio art.

In 2018 her project 'Be-Min' (Be-Loved) with ten sex-workers won the Golden C of the 'Fonds van Cultuurparticipatie' of the Netherlands. It was a theatrical art project to make the audience aware of the stigmatization of sex-workers in Den Hague.

Her strength is that she is not afraid to work with difficult social subjects and transform these to an accessible performance where the audience is able to reflect on their own feelings, ideas or judgment.

“ I am very sensible to atmosphere. I have a kind of awareness what this atmosphere in space or location awakens any kind of expression; like feelings or emotions. Using this awareness and empathy I put the audience in a kind of atmosphere that influents their state of mind. So hopefully they can see a difficult social subject from a different kind of viewpoint.” - Esmeralda -




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