Darius Carlo Schahin Heid

Cologne - Allemagne

(Extended) Piano / Synthezier | Concert Organizer

Darius (*1999) is a creative improvisor who formulates his personal sound material and artistic expression through intensive research. His playing style has been described as ''quiet, present, precise, quick-witted and energetic.'' He works in projects in-between the fields of improvisational music, new music, sound art, experimental club music, jazz and hiphop.
In his current solo project, he expresses his own ''experience of heavy, concentrated sounds'' from monasteries of Eastern philosophy into a focused performance. Concerts took him to South Africa, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands and to Denmark. 
''I am partly organizing JAZZ IM GREESBERGER, a concert series every 2nd Monday in a local bar. Let me know if you're in town, maybe we can organize something!'' 

The ensemble Vließ (with Emily Wittbrodt, cello and Jonas Gerigk, double bass) is an improvising chamber music ensemble. With a wide palette of conventional and extended techniques, preparations based on collaborative research, they navigate through a soundscape full of hidden treasures.

At the Rythmic Music Conervatory in Denmark, Darius worked on the Syntheziser solo program 'EXTERMINATE ALL THE BRUTES', which translates his ''emotional processing of imperialistic European crimes'' into an electrifying musical spectacle.

In July 2020 the band released their debut EP 'bucketland' which combines subtle and complex acoustic sound processes with electronicmontage. The focus of their current work is experimental club music - hard beats, spontaneous developments and elaborated post-producing.

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