Alex Deijmann

Borsbeek - Belgique

I am a dancer/improviser/performer that can perform anywhere and with anything, at any time.

I have a lot(5+ years) of experience performing on site, in theatres, in galleries, on the street etc. having performed with students of Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton and Nancy Start-Smith.

Improvisation is a major part of who i am and what i do, it means being alive for me.

I have experience in collaborative, transdisciplinary instant performance, but also pure movement-based dance improvisation.

I Used to organise instant performance jam session in Amsterdam inviting as many disciplines as possible.

My dance training consist of Countertechnique, flying low, gaga, contact partnering, graham, ballet, popping, vogue, housedance, tai chi and Silat.

Dernière connexion : lun 27/03/2023 - 17:05