Rotterdam Electronic Improv Orchestra

Rotterdam - Pays-Bas

, REIO founder drummer Elvis Homan REIO started in October 2020, including 8 Rotterdam based musicians:

Elvis Homan (Drums & modular synths, drone synths, Max/MSP, Ableton)

Slovenian drummer based in Rotterdam, graduated from drums at Conservatorium Codarts in Rotterdam and master degree of contemporary classical and electronic compositions at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Elvis is successful musician in dutch music scene, member of Quartzite 4tet, The Celestial Turkey, Rotterdam Electronic Improv Orchestra, Si-Ho Duality, Elvis Hi-man Film Music, Marco Apicella Trio and many more. Elvis performed on North Sea Jazz Festival, Lantaren Venster, InJazz, Bimhuis, Jazz Wine of Peace, Oktober Jazz, Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Trieste Loves Jazz, Jazz international Rotterdam, RAUW, Golf Festival Haarlem, Ujazz Tivoli Vredeburg, Jazz ma mlade, Portomaggiore jazz antica fierra festival, Thelonius club Trieste, Otis Park and other well recognized European festivals. 2017 Elvis won Leiden Jazz Award competition with Marco Apicella Trio, 2nd award Erasmus Jazz Prijs with Quartzite 4tet.

Alessandro Russo (Saxophones & Electronics & Effects)

Italian saxophonist based in Rotterdam and very eclectic musician. Finished classical saxophone bachelor in Salerno.. Graduated jazz music at LUCA in Leuven with Frank Vaganèe (BJO) and where he got his bachelor in Jazz music. After 3 years he moved in Rotterdam to study his Master at CODARTS. He is very active in the Dutch music seen he is actually part of many bands like The Re:freshed Orchestra, Voodrish, Los Paja Brava, Mala, Junhyung An Quintet. He has performed in many venues and Festivals and Tv shows such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Paradiso, Lantaren Venster and many others and played together with artists like Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest (Wu-tang Clan), Shirma Rouse, Benjamin Herman, Yannick Hiwat, Brainpower, Marcus Miller, Pink Oculus, Bo Saris, Duo Bottasso, etc and appeared on Tv shows like DINO Show, DWDD, Gouden Kalf Movie Award and many more.

Simone Bottasso (Accordion & Effects & Ableton)


Jorrit Westerhof (Electric Guitat & Effects & Electronics)

Based in, and working from Rotterdam, he played with a wide variety of musicians: Han Bennink, Eric Vloeimans, Greg Saunier, Michael Moore, Martin Fondse, Wolter Wierbos, Morris Kliphuis, Michael Vatcher, JD Walter, National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Karawane, 3times7, Frisian Fanfare Orchestra, MILD, Startas Orkester, Morten Poulsen, Lukas Simonis, a.o. Jorrit performed in Bimhuis, Lantaren venster, InJazz, Jazz International Rotterdam, North Sea Jazz Festival and others.


Stefan Lievestro (Pedal Steel & Effects & Electronics)


Marta Gonzalez (Cello & Effects & Electronics)


Javi Herrero (Modular Synths & Electronics & Effects)


Raphael Vanoli (Electric Guitar & Effect Pedals)


REIO sometimes also works with visual artists from Rotterdam

Jeroen Rijnart

Jochem Walboomers Guest artists : Gerri Jager - Jozef Dumoulin -


DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE »COMPLEX K« September 2021 REIO Releases a debut album displaying a band striving for purity and nuance, energy and intensity in order to accomplish a music capable of moving from epic accents to the simplicity of jingles. Sounds are mostly manipulated through different electronic devices and effects,which are contributing to final result / Composition from electric storms to delicate sound patterns. REIO's Complex K is based on a performance of K Complexity that appears in our second stage of sleeping, which refers to being able to explore conciousness while being unconcious. Those who are often „active“ while dreaming know what it feels like. Complex K althou it appears naturally , you can also trigger it by touching somebdy gently and still keeps you a sleep. Sometimes the complexity is just flowing, sometimes it can be remembered as the whole story, sometimes just tiny bits without sense. K also triggers the process of transferring the memories into a long term memories. Sometimes they come true and sometimes not, what's left is beauitul memory which stays part of us. Music of REIO's completes the togetherness and make sense in very particular way. Creating this Orchestra recording I clearly imagined the musicians and the sound they will produce on recording. Every member has it's own dreams and stories captured that are parts of us, which contributes to our journey as REIO.


BIOGRAPHY: REIO Orchestra is one of a kind 8-piece ELECTRONIC Improv Ensemble. The improv scene in Netherlands is very important and unique. but mostly acoustic lineups or partly combined with electronics. REIO is electro-acoustic setup ensemble, exposing the explorations between bounderies of Contemporary Classical Music elements of Pierre Boulez, Ligeti, Stockhausen Jazz-Electronic Improvisation as Supersilent, Humcrush, Warped Dreamer & elements of Film Music / Ambiental / Electronics / Structured-organised Improvisation. Manipulations of the sounds, complexity of the timbre, spontaneous interactions, „intricate“ textures, organic flowing crossovers with the use of electronic devices that are highly evolving in the contemporary music scene in the world. REIO is first Electronic Improv Orchestra that is researching on sound of individual member that contribute into the one bigger picture of big orchestral sound, which most of it is produced through the electronic devices, effect pedal boards, drone machines, modular synthesizers and other types of electronics.

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