Wolfgang Dokulil

Vienna - Austria

Wolfgang Dokulil lives and works as an artist in Vienna.

Studies: painting and graphics at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Professional skills: He worked as a set designer, as a restorer for art monuments, organized art workshops and art campaigns in refugee aid, in schools and in the psychosocial field.

Artworks: Intensive material explorations in stone, stucco, plaster, metal were followed by painterly experiments and extensive forays into the world of digital images. His creation of images is driven by free association. Reality can also appear in a non-representational matrix. The artistic process takes place here and now.

Live Improvisation: free live performances of painterly and sculptural improvisations, digital graphics and spatial installations, in communication with musicians and artists of all disciplines (visual arts, music, literature / language, theater, dance) open a wide field for new art. 

Wolfgang Dokulil runs the KunstbeTrieb in Vienna - an off-space for transdisciplinary art, improvisation and performance. This is also where IMPRO WÄHRING takes place, an annual festival for improvised art.

Founder of KunstbeTriebs Company for transdisciplinary improvisation and performance.

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