Pitch Shifting

Berlin - Germany

Pitch Shifting is a Berlin based audiovisual project founded in 2019 by musician and composer Grgur Savic and new media visual artist Sanja Star working and collaborating with other artists, mostly musicians with contemporary approach.

Savic’s approach to woodwind instruments practice and electronic sound research and Star’s experience with graphic design, 3D and digital art created the space for further exploration. Pitch Shifting work with audiovisual compositions and improvised visual and musical performance pieces to create unique environments that challenge and inspire the viewer.

Pitch Shifting is concentrated on developing a highly individualised musical vocabulary played without restrictions and closely connected to live visual performance making a truly immersive experience.

Creating visual expressions and spatial arrangements of collages and animations for audio-reactive visual set, Sanja uses a visual semiotic system of digital motion collages, using 3D art, creative code, animation and design techniques. Grgur is shifting from harmony to other dimensions of music where more emphasis is generally placed on mood, texture, performative gesture: timbre, melodic intervals, rhythm. He has been influenced by other areas of exploration, aspects of modern classical music (extended techniques), noise (aggressive confrontation and dissonance), IDM (computer manipulation and digital synthesis), minimalism and electroacoustic music.

Pitch Shifting is focused on an array of different types of relationships: sound and visual, analog and digital, conscious and unconscious, prepared and improvised in real- space and time.

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